About us

SOLEX GROUP OF COMPANIES provides a wide range of Centrifugal Electric Water Pumps (single-phase & three-phase), Grease & Oil type Bare Shafts, Deep Well Kits, Pressure Regulators, Pressure Booster Systems, Engine Pumps, Tube Well Pumps, Clean Water Submersible Pumps, Sewerage Pumps, Submersible Cutter Pumps, Swimming Pool Pumps, Hot Water Pumps, Diesel Pumps, Oil Pumps, Sea Water Pumps, Food Grade Pumps, Non-Food Grade Pumps, Industrial Castings, Baler Machines, Water Bowsers, Tractor Mounted Gully Bowsers, Truck Mounted Gully Bowsers, Garbage Compactors, Vacuum Jetters & Aerial Platforms to the market.

Mr.Upali Wijayasiri

Chairman / Managing Director

Solex Group of Companies

  •   Mrs.Manjula Wijayasiri

              Deputy Chairman /

              Director Operations.

  •   Mr.Dayasoma Wijayasiri


  •   Ms.Sandini.H.Wijayasiri

              Director of Branding / Mass Media

              US MD degree from Tbilisi state medical university, Georgia

              B.S.c in Premed & health sciences from MCPHS, USA

              International Baccalaureate graduate from the overseas                      school of Colombo.

Our Mission

Harness the best local expertise and materials in adapting the latest technologies to suit customer needs in a variety of agricultural and industrial segments.

Our Vision

To spearhead national development through innovative and reliable customer-focused technical solutions that are efficient and affordable.

Corporate values

  • Producing eco-friendly products that minimize environment pollution and degradation.
  • Help skillful youth enrich their careers through advanced training opportunities.
  • Participate in humanitarian assistance to mitigate the impact of natural disasters.
  • Undertake initiatives to secure the rights of children.
  • Ensure the wellbeing of all animals and work towards preventing their extinction.
  • Safeguard the environment and ensure protection of our natural resources against contamination and degradation.


An enterprise born out of the earnest hard work of Of the founder Mr. Upali Wijayasiri in 1980, later joined by his loving wife Mrs. Manjula Wijayasiri. Their combined leadership and diligence took Solex Engineering Enterprise from being a small home-grown business to Solex Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd, the industry pioneer that it is today. Initially focused on manufacturing and distributing water pumps in Sri Lanka, Solex Engineering (Pvt) Ltd expanded its operations to a variety of diverse products catering to individual & custom requirements, all the while innovating new & ground-breaking technologies. Mr & Mrs. Wijyasiri would love to extend their gratitude to Mr. Daya Wijayasiri, Mr. Upali’s brother for the support that he has provided from the initial days of the company.

Overview of current operations

Solex is being the well-known water pump in Sri Lanka. It has acquired a supreme relative market share. It is performing as a group of companies which include Solex Engineering (Pvt) Ltd, Solex Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, Solex Castings (Pvt) Ltd, and Solex Marketing (Pvt) Ltd.

Specifically designed single phase pumps, Industrial pumps, specialized vehicles, and industrial castings are enriched the entire product portfolio.

The company strategically uses long-term marketing plans to grab the customer mindset. The veteran crew of marketing plays a vital role by disseminating company Image Island wide. For many decades company practicing its own path as any competitor cannot do.

About Us